The Struggle of Finding Enough Time

One of the things that I hear over and over is the struggle with time. Time management is important for us in order to feel productive and free up our head space for other things, like creative ideas and social interactions. Feeling like our time is organized can help us live in harmony with our own thoughts.

Effective time management starts with getting clear on your values, defining goals, and making a plan. Then you can look at how you spend your time and organize it in a way that fits your priorities. Sounds easy, right? Many of us need help fighting our own procrastination, and a lot of us could benefit from finding shortcuts for time management. Here are a couple of ideas that I’ve found helpful:

Have you heard of the 80-20 principle? It was developed by an Italian economist and suggests that 20% of what we do yields 80% of the results we get, while 80% of what we do yields 20% of our results. To explain that in the context of social media, your Facebook feed offers about 20% of content worth reading and the other 80% could be skimmed. Your mail carrier probably delivers about 20% of important mail and another 80% of junk. With housekeeping chores, you could say that 80% of it can wait, while the other 20% must be done for sanitation and sanity.

Another method I like is the Time Management Matrix aka, the Eisenhower Matrix developed by our 34th president. Draw a box on a sheet of paper and divide it into 4 quadrants. On the left side write “Important” next to the top box and “Not Important” next to the bottom box. Across the top write above the box on the left “Urgent” and on the right “Not Urgent”. Take your to-do list and write each task in the appropriate box. Now, rename those boxes. Top left is “Do First”, top right “Things to Schedule”. The bottom left becomes “Things to Delegate” and the bottom left, “Don’t Do”.

These thoughts can help us identify the value of our time spent. Once we understand the value, we can make better choices. A time log is another tool that people use to help them with time management. Email me to get your time log and instructions. What tools do you use to manage your time?




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