Start Feeling Great

Integrative Health Coaching can help you create lasting change by shifting your behaviors and patterns. Coaching is proven to help people be successful in attaining sustainable personal growth.

We’ll discover what’s most important about your health goals, and YOU will create YOUR vision of health and well-being. I’ll be your guide to find new insights that translate into simple steps to feel more vibrant.

A Complimentary Consultation will help you better understand the coaching process and allow us to connect before you decide. We’ll have a conversation about what you hope to get out of coaching, and then you’ll determine whether or not this is the right time for you to begin a coaching series.

Please feel free to contact me about Integrative Health Coaching.  I’ll be happy to tell you more about what that means, and how I work. You can also schedule a FREE phone call to learn more!

Integrative Health Coaching Phone Sessions and Packages

While I offer sessions individually, research shows that many people benefit from working with a coach over a period of time. For that reason, I offer a package of sessions at a discounted rate.

Initial Coaching Session- $95

In this session we’ll talk about what Integrative Health Coaching is, and how we’ll work together to create sustainable lifestyle changes. Then, we’ll begin to talk about a self-assessment process to create your personalized health plan. You’ll be encouraged to reach your goals by taking small steps towards the goals that matter most, and through the process we’ll discover more about what they mean to you.

Book an Initial Session 

Single Coaching Session- $55

These sessions will follow an Initial Session. During these sessions we’ll continue to develop your personalized health plan and continue the process of creating and modifying  healthy behaviors to build sustainable habits that support your goals for health.

Book a Follow Up Session

Coaching Package (7 Sessions)- $399 (best value)

Integrative Health Coaching has the most opportunity to create lasting change when the process is allowed to unfold over time. The package includes an Initial Session and 6 follow up sessions.  The package offers a discount of more than 15%!

Book a Package of 7 Sessions

Single Focused Micro Session- $95

In this session you’ll come to the session with a particular area of  focus and we’ll dive in to give you new insights about the vision you’re working toward.  This works well for clients who are interested in learning about how to change behaviors and patterns, and want to get started with a particular focus, yet prefer to follow up in the future whenever the timing is convenient for them.

Book a Focused Micro Session

OR contact me to find out more!

(All Sessions are by Phone unless other arrangements are made in advance)

When you schedule your session, the secure site will take your contact and payment information. You will also be asked to review and sign the coaching agreement which tells you about how I work. At the time of our appointment, I will call you at the number you provided or I will email you with a Zoom Meeting invitation upon request. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me with any questions.