Help to Curb the Cravings

When you’re trying to avoid some of your favorite foods it can be a challenge to deal with your cravings. Yes, having strong willpower is helpful, but here are some practical tips to help you cope. If you’re on a specific diet make sure it includes a good breakfast with adequate protein. Research shows this can help people lose weight by feeling fuller longer.

When you do have a craving for something you can’t have don’t just ignore it, find a reasonable snack to replace it with instead. If you absolutely can’t resist, a great idea is to pair a healthy item with a little of what is not permitted. For example a small piece of cheese along with your vegetables and crackers. Many people just give up and don’t eat anything which makes things worse.

Cravings are emotional so sometimes we aren’t even hungry. We can be tired, stressed or anxious. Sometimes we distract ourselves by trying to eat the solution to our problems, which isn’t actually a solution. Find other ways to reward yourself like buying a bouquet of flowers or going for a walk. It’s also a great idea to remove temptation as much as possible and have permissible snacks readily available.

Another good piece of advice is to avoid food porn. When we’re on a restricted diet we sometimes look for recipes which can turn into absolute torture as we scroll our computer screens through pages of recipes with fantastic photos. Its fine to look for recipes, but don’t get stuck looking at all the pictures of foods you can’t have right now.

Be kind to yourself. Guilt and shame will not help you succeed. Allow yourself treats (of all kinds) and enjoy them thoroughly. Find something that can serve as a treat regardless of your goal or program. It will make the process easier and give you something to look forward to.

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