Beautiful Skin- From the Inside Out!

There are so many products on the market that claim to help with aging skin, but as with all real beauty, it starts from the inside. When most people think of healthy skin, they think about what they put on their skin like cleansers, lotions and make-up. What you put on your body is important, but so is what you put in your body. Here are some tips to help your skin be radiant and healthy this summer:

HYDRATE- Drinking plenty of water will help your skin to retain its moisture and also help flush toxins from your system.

MIND YOUR FATS- Using high quality oils will work from the inside out. Extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil are both good choices. Olive oil is best for dressings and low heat cooking because of its low smoke point, while coconut oil is great for high heat cooking. Either can be used at any temperature, but oils vary at what temperature they begin to degrade, which is when free radicals begin to form and cause cell damage. Limit fried food. Coconut Oil is high in antioxidants which defend against free radicals.

EAT LOTS OF FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES- Enjoying a rainbow of fruits and vegetables is the best way to get lots of antioxidants and a variety of nutrients. Vitamin C is great for our skin and antioxidants help minimize free radical damage from the sun and environmental toxins.

REDUCE YOUR SUGAR INTAKE- Do this for many reasons, like your energy level or ability to focus, but sugar really takes a toll on your skin by speeding up the aging process. Sugar is responsible for the breakdown of collagen and elastin, the proteins that keep your skin firm and smooth.

WEAR A GOOD SUNSCREEN- Ok, so there are many different opinions and this is mine. The sun is harsh and we need protection, even on cloudy days as the UV rays can cause damage. The only better way to protect your skin is to avoid prolonged exposure. There is much debate around which sunscreens are best, but I prefer to use a zinc based sunscreen. An Australian study showed that those who wore sunscreen had 24% less signs of damage over 4 and a half years. Some argue that the chemicals in the sunscreen are causing the rise in skin cancer. Do your own research and decide for yourself.

USE PURE SKIN CARE PRODUCTS- Our skin absorbs what we put on it. The bright green aloe that people use when they get sunburn makes me wonder how good that can be for your skin. Pure aloe is expensive and never turns bright green naturally. Some natural skin care products contain hidden ingredients, like dyes that can be detrimental. Most natural food stores carry a good selection of products and a staff who can help you choose or learn about what to avoid. There are many resources which rate the hazards of common beauty products and ingredients.

GET SOME R & R- Those who eat more sugar tend to experience more anxiety and stress, which is linked to insomnia. Lack of sleep and stress play a role in how our skin regenerates too. While you sleep deeply your skin’s metabolic rate increases, allowing your skin cells to repair damage from UV rays and other environmental factors. There is truth to needing your beauty sleep!


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